A yellow bouquet of flowers and white wedding shoes on a velvet chair in the sunlight.

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A woman at sunset wearing a golden crown and dress with a serious expression on her face.

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A man and woman holding hands, wearing wedding attire, running in a city setting.

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A woman sitting in a golden brown field with a calm expression on her face.

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A man and women facing each other in an embrace at sunset with the sun and ocean behind them.

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Candid, easygoing, authentic. photography you look forward to and look back on.

A woman wearing a green floral dress leaning on a railing with a ferris wheel in the background.
A man and woman in wedding attire facing each other smiling with a wedding veil surrounding them.
A woman wearing a red graduation sash standing between archways and tall purple flowers.
A man and woman sitting on the ground smiling at each other with tall trees surrounding them.
A man and woman in wedding attire on a cloudy day with the ocean behind them.
A woman in jeans and a jacket with a calm expression on her face with tall palm trees and sand in the background.
A man and woman in wedding attire holding hands, walking, and smiling during a sunset.
A man, woman, and baby walking away with mountains and grass in the background.
A girl smiling and posing wearing a pink dress with golden stars.

Kelsey is AMAZING! She has taken photos of our daughter for our holiday card for the last seven years, and her photos are stunning. Kelsey is extremely personable and easy to work with. My daughter looks forward to her photo shoot each year, and almost thinks of Kelsey as part of the family. You will not be disappointed.

Adriana M.
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